How to Help Your Senior Family Member Age Independently

It goes without saying, as we get older, we aren’t able to perform tasks like we used to. If you have a senior family member who is beginning to struggle with the most basic of tasks, it’s important to be there to provide love and support. Many older people want to live independently for as long as they can, so helping your senior family member age independently is important. Here are five things that you can do to make the process that little bit easier.

Making Home Improvements

There are a variety of home improvements that you can make to your loved one’s home to make it safer. Whether it be installing bathroom rails, or purchasing a stair lift to help them get up and down, you will need to take time to thoroughly look around their home to spot any hazards. There are various hazards that can arise in key rooms such as the bedroom, or kitchen, so installing equipment that can provide support is key.

Delivering Essential Needs

If your aging loved one struggles to get outside the house, why not deliver their essential needs instead? There are various things that your loved one cannot live without, such as groceries and toiletries, therefore, bringing these items to their front door can help them live independently. If you don’t have the time to do it on a regular basis, consider using online grocery shopping for them.

Ensuring Health Care Measures

If your senior family member is in and out of hospital, it’s important that they receive the best care possible when at home. It’s incredibly important that you’re aware of their medical needs, as well as taking them to medical appointments. There are also apps that your loved one can download should they use a smartphone such as Appointfix, which can remind them when to take medication, as well as receive useful tips to help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

Medical Alert System

If your loved one lives alone, keeping them safe in the one place they feel most comfortable is essential. Therefore, you may want to consider purchasing a medical alert system. Don’t let the GreatCall recall put you off; there are plenty of other devices that your senior family member can use should they find themselves in a medical emergency.

Addressing Emotional Needs

While some people take aging in their stride, others struggle much more. As we get older, our ability to do the things we love can become much harder, causing many people to suffer from anxiety and depression. Therefore, it’s important that you’re on hand to provide emotional support and help when they need it most. Take time to understand and address their emotional needs. Being there for someone to talk to can make a huge difference to your loved one’s life.

While it’s only normal that you will be worrying about them living alone, you need to respect their wishes. If your senior family member has lived independently all their life, the chances are they won’t want to stop now. Therefore, making home improvements, delivering essential needs to their door, as well as considering using a medical alert system in their home are just a few things that you can do to help your senior family member age independently.

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