Armenian Terrorism – A Chronological List, 1973 – 1986

During a 16-year period from 1973 to 1986, various Armenian terrorist organisations claimed responsibility for about 200 attacks on Turkish diplomatic and non-diplomatic institutions and murdered 55 Turkish and 16 non-Turkish people and wounded hundreds of others. Armenians also targeted their own people who refused to make financial contribution to Armenian terrorism. Below is a chronological list of Armenian terrorist activities from 1973 to 1986.

January 27, 1973 Santa Barbara, California

The Armenian Gourgen Yanikian, a U.S. citizen, invites the Turkish Consul General, Mehmet Baydar, and the Consul, Bahadir Demir to a luncheon. The unsuspecting diplomats accept the friendly invitation. Gourgen Yanikian murders his two guests. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

April 4, 1973 Paris

Bombings at the Turkish Consulate General and the offices of Turkish Airlines (THY). Extensive damage.

October 26, 1973 New York

Attempted bombing of the Turkish Information Office. The bomb is discovered in time and defused. A group calling itself the “Yanikian Commandos” claims responsibility. They want the release of the double murderer of Santa Barbara, Gourgen Yanikian, who insidiously murdered two Turkish diplomats.

February 7, 1975 Beirut

Attempted bombing of the Turkish Information and Tourism Bureau. The bomb explodes while being defused. A Lebanese policeman is injured. The “Prisoner Gourgen Yanikian Group” claims responsibility.

February 20, 1975 Beirut

The “Yanikian” group demanding the release of the double murderer of Santa Barbara strikes again. Extensive damage is caused by a bomb explosion at the THY offices. ASALA (Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia) also claims responsibility for the bombing.

October 22, 1975 Vienna

The Turkish Ambassador, Danis Tunaligil, is assassinated in his study by three Armenian terrorists. ASALA claims responsibility.

October 24, 1975 Paris

Ambassador Ismail Erez and his driver, Talip Yener, are murdered. The ASALA and the JCAG (Justice Commandos for the Armenian Genocide) dispute responsibility.

October 28, 1975 Beirut

Grenade attack on the Turkish Embassy. The ASALA claims responsibility.

February 16, 1976 Beirut

The First Secretary of the Turkish Embassy, Oktar Cirit, is assassinated in a restaurant on Hamra Street. The ASALA claims responsibility.

May 17, 1976 Frankfurt, Essen, Cologne

Consulates General in Frankfurt, Essen and Cologne are the targets of simultaneous bomb attacks.

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