Essential Details That You Shouldn’t Miss Out in Mobile Notary

Are you planning to use a mobile notary public services? Well, if you need something to be notarized and you are in a rush, a mobile notary is a great option. However, before calling or contacting just any mobile notary public, here are some essential details that you shouldn’t miss out when hiring a mobile notary public.

#1: The Services

One of the common misconceptions in the mobile notary public is assuming that the person you are having business with can do similar things that attorneys can do. To clarify, a notary public, in general, is a government authorized public worker that will act as the official witness when it comes to authenticating the documents. In other words, he or she will stamp a document (a government-issued seal) and will sign it, signifying to the court that the document with signatures from the first party and the remaining witnesses that were present are valid.

In general, the notary public’s main functions are:

  • To administer oaths and affirmations
  • Affirming statutory declarations and affidavits
  • To act as a witness and to authenticate certain classes of documents
  • To take acknowledgment of deeds
  • To help protest bills and notes of exchange
  • To help in providing notice of foreign drafts
  • To help provide exemplifications and notarial copies
  • To perform other official tasks, depending on its jurisdiction.

The difference between the usual notary public that you can find at notary public offices or private notary offices with mobile notary public is the latter travels to their client’s location at their client’s convenient time. These professionals are also available during weekends and even during evening hours.

So, either you need assistance for your mortgage, travel consent, to establish a power of attorney, and more; you can use their notarial services in LA.

#2: The Fees

When hiring the service of a mobile notary public, you should be aware of their fees.

The fees in the mobile notary public aren’t constant; it is usually based on the location of the client and the time that the notarial services will be performed. For the most reliable and honest mobile notary public, they start their base travel fee during normal business hours at $50. In general, you have to prepare to pay for the following:

  • Travel fee
  • Notary fee
  • Waiting fees (if the client is in the hospital or jail)
  • Copying fees
  • Document preparation fees
  • Late-night extra fees

If you need additional details on these, you could start at Rachel Mintz Mobile Notary in Los Angeles.

#3: The Time-frame

If you are asking how fast it is to have your documents notarized and have it all well-prepared as officially authenticated, by hiring a mobile notary public, it usually depends on the task and the availability of resources.

The mobile notary public provides a huge help, especially for busy individuals that do not have time to visit a notary public office to have their documents notarized.

If you need the help of a reliable mobile notary public in LA, try to contact the team of Rachel Mintz Mobile Notary – they are fast, reliable, and efficient.

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