Why Choose a Steel Tip Dart?

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Being a beginner in dart is frustrating. You can’t hit the target right. Also, you have to learn the basics of the game such as the correct way of holding a dart and best throwing technique.

But take note, you might develop an excellent throwing skill with time; however, your talent is useless without the right sporting equipment.

Thus, if you don’t have a set of darts to use in practicing, now is the right time to invest one.

When it comes to selecting a dart, the first thing you’ll notice is the variations of this sporting equipment. Darts vary in sizes, barrels, shaft, flights, and weight. But among these aspects, one of the most important features you have to consider is the dart tip.

There are two different types of dart tips. It is either classified as a soft tip or a steel tip dart. Each one of these has a specific use. But which one should you utilize for professional games? You can read down below to learn more about the differences between these two types of dart tips.

What are Soft Tip Darts?

A soft tip dart is flexible compared to a steel tip type since it features a plastic point. This type of dart end is designed for a digital dartboard which has small holes that retains the dart. Hence, you can’t use a soft tip dart in a traditional dart game. This kind of dart will fail to penetrate the hard surface of a cork dartboard. Moreover, it is more likely to break in a traditional dart game.

On the other hand, you can use a soft tip dart when using a bristle board.

What are Steel Tip Darts? 

As the name suggests, this type of dart features steel as the tip point. A traditional dart sport uses a steel tip dart because of the multitude benefits this type of dart can offer.

A steel tip dart is heavier compared to a soft-tip dart. It weighs between 16 to 30 grams depending on the concentration of steel. Hard tip darts are more durable and rarely snaps. Thus, the design of this dart is for throwing on harder surfaces.

Another reason why professional dart players recommend steel tip dart is the control you can execute on throwing. Hard tip darts offers more strength, precision, and accuracy rather than soft darts.

Therefore, it is meant to help dart players enhance their throwing skills and offer higher chances of hitting the bullseye.

The only drawback of using steel tip dart is the maintenance that comes with it. This dart can last long with proper care. You have to sharpen it to avoid the tip from getting dull. The good news is there are great darts with steel tips with a free sharpener. You can access them here at Triple Bullseye.

The Triple Bullseye is an online source that offers tips, guidelines and product reviews of the best-seller brands of steel tip darts. This source is an extremely helpful guide for beginners. If you have no idea on where to start searching for a dart set that is worth spending cash, the Triple Bullseye is a good place to start.

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